The Root Of All Efficiency

With the perennial issues of decreased life cycles and budgets being continually revised and chopped, all businesses go about their quarterly and yearly goals with the same fervour, which is cutting costs. Cutting costs is rooted in efficiency, which is a by-product of simplicity, which in turn requires self awareness about one's own business processes. So the real question is, can these processes be identified?

Once these processes have been cast magnifying glasses over, the advantages are clear to see after some lateral thinking and realisation occurs. They are namely, reduced logistical costs, fewer risks to mitigate, a more responsive supply chain, and better visibility. Visibility here would mean that processes will always be susceptible to improvement and one's business will always be evolving with the times and trends.

Mobile solutions

This is not new, but not everyone has attained full mastery of the advantages of being mobile-fronted. "The area outside the four walls is a place where we're seeing significant levels of adoption, especially among mid-market organisations that want to mobilise their workflows and operations for the first time", according to David Krebs, president at VDC Research (enterprise mobility and connected devices).

Mobile solutions present a host of benefits like productivity, process efficacy, and improved customer service. Along with these, comes tie ups with faster response in light of sudden schedule changes, safety and compliance, better asset utility, which create spillover effects like employee job satisfaction and retention.

Better return policies

One of the things buyers first consider is the policy for which returns are wrapped around, because a hassle-free process ensures that these customers are more likely to become repeat customers, and are also well-placed to make recommendations to their friends and/or business partners. Research has also yielded comments made by customers (Dotcomdist) about how prices get lesser attention as compared to the quality and the simplicity of a service.

Tracking packages

The ability to track packages removes all stress that being in a state of 'limbo' creates for the package, customer and the shipper. Additionally, a peace of mind is achieved when access to such information allows for businesses to make informed answers for queries, instead of speculation, which can only ruffle the feathers of customers. What's more, making a delivery is what logistics is all about, so enhanced visibility is something that will pave the way for strategic delivery planning, and efficient dispatch coordination.

24/7 customer service

Since mobile solutions have brought about providence of increased connectivity, ensuring that customer service on the business end is 24/7, is almost imperative. If one's customer is always connected, then the business should be too. With timezones to consider, and potential customers doing research on your business at night, this will make sure that bookings can be assured, and sales targets can be achieved. If a customer has to adhere to traditional office hour timings in order to do business, then the chances of ever making contact will be slimmer by the minute, considering competition.


with clients making more money and continually assessing where to put their money, it is down to the logistical connoisseurs to make sure adequate technology with enhanced visibility is available so that both sides will be able to have access to a clearer overview of their supply chain. Thanks to the simplicity of it all, no less.