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How it works


Create a checklist template by Adding a new Asset name. Add field names and types which can be a radiobutton, textbox, date or a dropdown menu. You also setup your list of inspectors/technicians and customers.

Create work order assigned to a specific inspector with a specific template/asset and a customer. You can then schedule that work order. You inspector will automatically get notified of the scheduled job.


Scheduled work orders are automatically displayed in the tasks list on the inspector's mobile app. Once inspector clicked on accept, it notifies the administrator and at the same time the inspector can immediately perform the inspection with the digital forms.


Inspection forms can be stored on the device and sync to the cloud whenever there is internet connection. No paper report or manual transfer of data required. Data is automatically updated and administrator can generate reports to be downloaded or shared with customers via email.

See data and track report gain visibility of all inspection jobs